Osheya of the Month

Once a month, Osheya members shall recognize a woman who exemplifies and inspires female leadership, and who has made a special contribution to public health, specifically to the wellbeing of women.

The Osheya of the month shall be granted both a platform and recognition amongst Osheya’s members, as well as in the media, and be automatically nominated for the coveted Osheya of the year award. The Osheya of the month also becomes a permanent Osheya member and is exempt from the yearly membership fees for her first year of membership.Everyone is invited to recommend a woman who deserves the title ‘Osheya of the month’. Then, Osheya members choose from the bank of recommendations submitted that month and crown the Osheya of the month.

To recommend an Osheya of the month:

Person recommending’s Name and email

Name and title of women being nominated

Position and organization of the nominee

Social links to recommended Osheya (Linkedin, etc)

Telephone/Email of the recommended Osheya

Why does this woman deserve to be an 'Osheya'?

*Yearly membership fees apply
Membership is renewed every 4 years, and can be extended to a maximum of 8 years.

You may fill out the form in English or Hebrew